Tucker Sinatro

Thomas “Tucker” Sinatro has been a fixture in the Sinatro Agency office for nearly 50 years. A West Hartford native, his visionary leadership helped transform West Hartford Center into a vibrant downtown dining, entertainment, and shopping destination. Tucker was the co-manager of the Sinatro Brothers Real Estate entity and was primarily responsible for tenant relations and negotiation for over one hundred small locally owned businesses. His insurance expertise combined with his real estate knowledge was instrumental in the growth of the Agency.

Tucker designed new and innovative insurance programs, for small businesses such as contractors, retailers, and restaurants. He grew the Sinatro Agency insurance business by individually advising clients, explaining coverages, and working through claims. With his help, many of these local businesses thrived and grew over the years.

Long before modern urban planners and academics began studying and promoting “smart growth” principles, Tucker and the Sinatro family already implemented them: street-level cafes, shops, and restaurants actively engaging the pedestrian and truly creating a “sense of place” in West Hartford center.

They did so when the so-called experts were declaring the death of “Main Street USA” and the concept of a downtown walkable district, and, the rise of the destination suburban shopping malls. Tucker and the Sinatro team innovated and differentiated their downtown property by bringing in gourmet restaurants and local eateries to attract residents. They worked with tenants to repurpose space and bring the West Hartford dining experience to the next level.

Tucker is a 1975 graduate of the University of West Georgia where he played varsity baseball at a high level. His beloved wife of 45 years, his three children, and 7 grandchildren reside in West Hartford to this day.

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